How do you Study for the SAT?

Preparing for SAT along with your school studies has always been a problem dilemma. Nobody wants to spoil her school grades and besides wants to score high in SAT. This problem can be resolved studying an hour a day for three months.

How long does it take to prepare for SAT? Well, it’s different for everyone. Some students are already good at basic mathematics and they also read a lot, novels or fictions whatever. They need way less time than the ones who have not opened a book to read in ages. SAT preparation does not require advanced English oradvanced mathematics skills. It just wants you to be good at basic Algebra & arithmetic, the one you have learned during school and college. So for them it takes around 4 months to prepare well and geta decent score. Otherwise, like I already said, 2 to 3 months are sufficient to go through every topic . If you are good at mathematics, you will need to spend less time on that part. But again, you score high in your forte, your strong areas and specialties. So try to ace yourself in your favorite subject. When it comes to vocabulary memorization, students have a hard time to cram the most difficult words from lexical resources Vocabulary memorization in SAT preparation isn’t necessary anymore if you are a good reader. If you don’t like books and you don’t read at all, cramming is destined for you because you’llhave difficulty understanding what the passage asks about .

During my classes of Sat Preparation at Nadeem Arain Academy, I insist those students to start reading something daily, may it be a newspaper article or an article from showbiz world. Unless you develop reading habits, you will not be able to overcome Sat Verbal issues Quantitative section has always been a mystery for SAT Preparation students. There is a calculator part and a non-calculator part in SAT quantitative test. I don’t allow students to useit in either section. The calculator in SAT, I believe, is a trap for most of the part. It’s more distraction than help

Try learning quick math techniques and shortcuts for fast calculation that will save your day. This is a general analysis based on my years of SAT experience. Every student is different and needs a
different line of action. This is the reason we, here at Nadeem Arain Academy, offer customized SAT preparation for every students. We know the science of scoring high and we offer it to every willing student who wants to score in 90’s percentile.

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GRE Test Preparation in Karachi?

You are on a higher frequency of your life when you are thinking about taking GRE. It’s an international entrance test so it’s a gateway to your successful life. Godspeed and welcome to an assiduous and the most experiencing journey of your lifetime.
GRE is one of the most engaging tests in the world. It tests the skills you have acquired throughout your life. It tests those algebra questions you solved in your secondary stages. It tests those arithmetic and calculation skills you acquired while adding and subtracting two decimal values. It also goes through daily life word problems which involve finding a discount on a pair of shoes in a mart or calculating the average age of three groups of students. And, for that matter, it checks how good you are at comprehending and translating words into a mathematical equation.

The verbal part of GRE is way different than all other tests in the world. It tests your vocabulary. Now, you can never be a walking dictionary, be native or non-native speaker. The words the GRE tests are those you have never even heard. Even if you have been through those words, you must have missed the secondary and tertiary meanings. It is generally believed that the verbal part of GRE is more difficult than the quantitative part.

To some extent it’s true but then we have gotten certain strategies that help us overcoming that difficult part. The The Revised GRE test score ranges from 260 to 340, with one score increment Quantitative and verbal score separately range from 130 to 170 each. Two essays each is scored on a scale of 6. <br><br>

The GRE test preparation in Karachi by Nadeem Arain is an experience you will remember all your life. He makes you feel confident for this arduous mission. You don’t bother about having or not having a calculator. He gives his students certain tips that they are always able to solve a calculation no matter how hard it seems <br><br>

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How do I start preparing for GMAT?

The GMAT preparation is an arduous journey that keeps you preoccupied for a couple of months. It is a process that can’t be explained in a few sentences or even in one article. Everybody has a different pace and a different target that changes the approach of this preparation. Those students who are starting to prepare for GMAT are advised to take care of certain basic things. 

The quantitative section comprises of basic arithmetic, algebra and geometry. The calculator isn’t allowed altogether in this test. The absence of calculator gives goose bumps to some of the GMAT students. To overcome this problem, students should work on basic calculation techniques like learning to solve questions fast; memorizing multiplication tables, squares and cubes; practice addition, subtraction, decimal multiplication & division; and learning quick techniques for finding out squares and cubes and square roots. The word problem and data sufficiency section needs separate attention in quantitative part of GMAT. You need to work on all basic word problem areas like percentage, averages, ratio & proportions, work & rates, probability, and geometry. Once you get hang of these basic concepts, you are good to go for practicing actual GMAT questions.

The verbal part consists of reading comprehension, critical reading and sentence correction. So, basically, it deals with reading and grammar at length. If student is not used to reading books, novels or articles, for that matter, he will not perform well on the actual GMAT verbal section during the exam. Students are advised to start reading something as they start preparing for GMAT. Pick a history book, a fiction, a novel or a positive thinking book or one you are interested in and keep reading it till the end of your GMAT journey. It will increase your reading speed and comprehension skills. It will also add some grammar structures to your skills that will help you in sentence correction. There is a wide range of grammar and grammatical structures that is tested in GMAT exam. You are advised to correct your basic grammar and writing skills from either a teacher or from a good, authentic and verified book. Do not try learning from internet discussions as there is a variety of opinions that may be wrong.

If you live in Pakistan, or in Karachi for that matter, we, Nadeem Arain Academy Nadeem Arain Academy, are here to help you. We have taught thousands of students in the past and got the finest results. Here, at Nadeem Arain Academy, we put special focus on basics of quantitative and verbal. For GMAT preparation in karachi, students are even offered a free demo class where they can ask questions and discuss their concerns free of cost. We know the science of scoring high and now it’s available for anybody who wants to ace GMAT

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