Can I prepare for GRE in one month?


Yes. The GRE preparation in 1 month is possible. What you need to do is put in as many hours daily as possible. This should not be anything below 5 hours a day. You must be good at basic arithmetic calculation and basic schools algebra. If you haven’t read any book in a while, start doing as many reading comprehension exercises as possible. On the one hand, it will increase your reading comprehension score. While, on the other hand, it will start increasing your vocabulary and context understanding.

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What is GRE international test?

A foreign general & competitive entrance exam named GREis structured and conducted by ETS. The GRE® revised General Test is composed entirely for the premeditation of scanning students for admission in a graduation studies. Every 365 days a large number of candidates seek admission in different colleges and universities transversely United States of America. GRE Test inquire students for a definitive level of knowledge, which they are speculate to have at the level of college studies. It is an admirable opportunity for those candidates who ever dream to study abroad for the betterment of their future.

Being an international studies candidate, Karachi-Pakistan will definitely be listed in somewhere, because there is a huge number of candidates apply for GRE test throughout Pakistan especially from Karachi. There are many centers who are offering GRE test preparation in Karachi. So before enrolled into any preparation institute you must need to know about some rules for appearing in this international exam, or it can also be explain to you from where you are taking preparation classes. It’s a mandatory rule for all the candidates that they have to use either a valid passport or a valid state issued SMART National Identity Card as their ID (Identification Documents). In absence of these required things, you will not be permissible for the Exams at the center. Incase your passport does not have a valid signature then the candidate must accommodate with a supporting documents which includes, CNIC, Driver’s license, Student IDor Letter of Identification from his/her last passed School. All the required documents should be original and must be without expiry.

Another mandatory thing is that the name you registered for test must matches the name displaying on your ID. Any name dissonance cause you to arrange any other valid Identification documents to fulfill their requirement. In short any possible scenario of mismatching ID’s with your registered name you will not allow to sit in exams.   

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Which is the best for SAT preparation

An intercontinental designed test named SAT administered by the Members of the College Board and is required to be taken by candidates seeking admission in top undergraduate schools & colleges. The examination of SAT has been structured to figure out the verbal, written and mathematical skills of the students globally.
The evaluation is proposed to assess students’ willingness for international studies. It was formerly execute not to be aligned with high school standards, but many arrangements were made for the simplification of the SAT introduced previously. The Faculty of SAT examination were also wanted to make the test more closely what students learned in high school.
The best for SAT preparation is to be a good reader who maintain an excellent vocabulary and can sustain the pressure of answering questions in limited time of period as SAT evaluates you to deal with nine sections. For overall satisfactory preparation SAT is very much familiar with other exams in an impression that you can either take admission in any preparation center or attend online sat preparation classes in karachi.
There is another key point which candidate should keep in his mind that not all questions ask you to use a calculator to find the accurate result. Use of calculator for every simple questions can be long-drawn-out and take time away from you and you have to face more tricky questions.
It might be happen that questions are not ordered correctly that means you faced easier problems earlier in the test than the tricky ones. Instead, it’s important to identify the questions that you find easy or difficult. Because you didn’t get score on how many questions you do. You will get the result on how many questions you answer perfectly. So it’s better to focus how you can pick up the most points rather anything else.
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Although, If we are doing self-study so we must keep in our mind that everyone is different, and every self-founded tip doesn’t work for everyone, so it’s always useful to try them out before you actually use them on the day of Examination.