How do you Study for the SAT?

Preparing for SAT along with your school studies has always been a problem dilemma. Nobody wants to spoil her school grades and besides wants to score high in SAT. This problem can be resolved studying an hour a day for three months.

How long does it take to prepare for SAT? Well, it’s different for everyone. Some students are already good at basic mathematics and they also read a lot, novels or fictions whatever. They need way less time than the ones who have not opened a book to read in ages. SAT preparation does not require advanced English oradvanced mathematics skills. It just wants you to be good at basic Algebra & arithmetic, the one you have learned during school and college. So for them it takes around 4 months to prepare well and geta decent score. Otherwise, like I already said, 2 to 3 months are sufficient to go through every topic . If you are good at mathematics, you will need to spend less time on that part. But again, you score high in your forte, your strong areas and specialties. So try to ace yourself in your favorite subject. When it comes to vocabulary memorization, students have a hard time to cram the most difficult words from lexical resources Vocabulary memorization in SAT preparation isn’t necessary anymore if you are a good reader. If you don’t like books and you don’t read at all, cramming is destined for you because you’llhave difficulty understanding what the passage asks about .

During my classes of Sat Preparation at Nadeem Arain Academy, I insist those students to start reading something daily, may it be a newspaper article or an article from showbiz world. Unless you develop reading habits, you will not be able to overcome Sat Verbal issues Quantitative section has always been a mystery for SAT Preparation students. There is a calculator part and a non-calculator part in SAT quantitative test. I don’t allow students to useit in either section. The calculator in SAT, I believe, is a trap for most of the part. It’s more distraction than help

Try learning quick math techniques and shortcuts for fast calculation that will save your day. This is a general analysis based on my years of SAT experience. Every student is different and needs a
different line of action. This is the reason we, here at Nadeem Arain Academy, offer customized SAT preparation for every students. We know the science of scoring high and we offer it to every willing student who wants to score in 90’s percentile.

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